Jan 14, 2016

How to Make the Ultimate Masculine Office Space: 9 DIY Desk Design Ideas


I recently had to move my desk at my design firm to a new space in the building and it got me thinking about how minimal—totally empty and sad—my desk space was. At the time I had a picture of my wife, a few books and a pencil holder.    

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Dec 17, 2015

Make This: Wood Block Wall Calendar

Wooden Blocks Here's a simple and awesome looking idea for a family calendar that will actually look good on the wall in our house. Made from reclaimed shop wood and painted with a clear chalkboard paint, this simple weekend project will have plenty of use for years to come.  

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Feb 04, 2015

Free Download: Vintage-Inspired Printable Typographic Calendar for 2015

At this point, five weeks into the new year, your resolutions are set. You either embraced that new food or exercise plan, or you didn't. You've kept up with your promise to save more or drink less or go to bed earlier, or you haven't. And, to be fair, that's okay. You know yourself best. 

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Dec 04, 2012

How to: Make a DIY Beer Advent Calendar

created at: 12/04/2012

If you love the idea of the Whiskey Advent Calendar, but can't quite justify the (fair but not inexpensive) $240 price tag, why not try a DIY version with something you can easily procure single samples of: beer. Cause there are few things better than candy, and winter ale is definitely one of them.    

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Nov 19, 2012

The Whiskey Advent Calendar

There's only one thing better than opening tiny little doors that contain candy and quarter-machine toys. 

That being...opening tiny little doors that contain whiskey.    

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Nov 08, 2011

Aug 29, 2011

15 Design-y Calendars for 2012

created at: 08/29/2011

I know, I know...it's still August. School has just started, and the sun is still out for more than a measely eight hours.

And yet, the slow descent into the end of the year has begun. The world has already begun to talk about fall and its morph into the holiday season. Events are already being planned for 2012, and you need a place to put them.

Thankfully, the 2012 calendar season has begun.


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May 02, 2011

30 Free Design-y Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for May

April showers bring...May desktop wallpapers?

Sure, why not? It's officially spring, so its time to air out your house, give your closet and cupboards a good onceover, so why not update your desktop as well. To do so, I suggest these thirty awesome May 2011 calendar wallpapers from graphic design experts Smashing Magazine.


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Mar 31, 2011

Free Download: Mini Paper Turntable Calendar

created at: 03/31/2011

How's this for genius? Inspired by Jazz Appreciation Month in April, the clever minds at the Curiousity Group designed this free, downloadable calendar which features a tiny little vinyl album with a cutaway that reveals the date!

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Jan 11, 2011

Fold a Yeti Papercraft Calendar (Free Download)

It's official: I'm declaring today, Tuesday, January 11th 2011, Paper Day! Most of the country is under a winter storm advisory, so lots of us are stuck inside, eating from the fridge and looking for something to do. Since you might not be able to get out of the house and pick up supplies for a large scale DIY project, we'll be offering four sweet and FREE how-to or printable projects to keep you busy.

created at: 01/11/2011

Paper Day, Part 2: Papercraft Yeti Calendar

The marketing and design firm The Curiosity Group have begun an amazing project for 2011: free, downloadable paper toy calendars! They're kicking it off with the best papercraft printer I've seen in ages: this adorably awesome 60s-inspired Yeti, complete with a January calendar.  

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Jun 28, 2010

Hey, Baby... Nice Fibula: EIZO Medical Imaging Pin Up Calendar

March, BUTTER., Eizo, Print, Outdoor, Ads We at ManMade appreciate the fine anatomy of a healthy figure - the subtle curve of a well-developed radius, a patella totally worthy of a catcall.

EIZO is a Japanese company that specializes in imaging technology and creating high precision displays to examine and diagnose radiographs. German-based advertising companies Butter designed this calendar as a play on the year-end pinup calendars given by companies to laborers. This one's intended as a pin-up for those in the medical industry.

Talk about graphic." href="http://www.coloribus.com/signup/?from_print_click_on_preview">

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