Nov 13, 2015

How to: Buy A Motorcycle (For Real)

Most men I know like motorcycles, at least in the abstract. My friends and I often talk about which bikes we want and in what order, all to varying degrees of seriousness since none of us actually own any bikes (I did briefly have a motorcycle license though, which I felt was a step in the right direction). However if you’re interested in pursuing the prospective-first-motorcycle-purchase conversation a little further,

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Sep 15, 2015

31 Style Terms (and History) Every Man Should Know

This is the most informative collection of men's fashion terms and history that I've found on the internet so far. Each fashion icon comes with some quick facts (Corduroy gets its name from the French "cord du roi" or the cord of the king, and has been around since ancient Egypt), but then each item breaks out into an extensive history if you click on it. And all this comes from GQ, so you know they know what they're talking about.   

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