Apr 20, 2016

How to: Make a Clock from Scratch in Your Home Shop

'O let not Time deceive you / You cannot conquer Time,' wrote W. H. Auden, and what better way to feel the constant crushing weight of your impending mortality than watching the gorgeous hands go round on a clock that you spent hours endeavoring to make? Thanks to Clickspring who produced this 16 part YouTube series on How To Make A Clock In The Home Machine Shop you too can have a continual reminder of the ravishes of time in your very own home! [But seriously, it's a magnificent-looking clock]   

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Apr 19, 2016

Do This Now: How to Turn Your Rotary Tool Into a Tiny Lathe

When Scrap Wood City needed a tiny lathe (smaller than a mini-lathe) to turn truly tiny things, he set out to make his own using a Dremel rotary tool and some wood blocks. A lathe this tiny allowed him to create small furniture, miniature models, and other tiny reproductions that would otherwise require numerous man hours carving them by hand.   

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Mar 24, 2016

How to: Make Your Own Marking Knife

created at: 03/24/2016

When it comes to serious woodworking, a marking knife beats a pencil for most layout tasks. And here's why: 1) The knife's edge is finer and flat on one side, allowing you to truly scribe a line along a straight edge, not just next to it. 2) The knife cuts the wood grain on the surface, so that when you go back to make a through cut with a chisel, saw, router bit, etc, the fibers will stay clean and crisp along the surface. 3) The knife's indentation gives you a place to register your tools, ensuring accurate and gap-free cuts.

Don't own one yet? Don't like yours and want to improve it? Want to multiply your arsenal so you can keep one in every corner of your shop? Well then... it's time to roll your own.    

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Mar 24, 2016

Good Deal of the Day: Shop Apron and Safety Glasses Combo from Hand-Eye Supply

created at: 03/24/2016

We're huge fans of workwear, gear, and tool purveyors Hand-Eye Supply, and we regularly cruise their online shop whenever we're in the market for some new goodies. (And if you're ever in Portland, OR, their brick-and-mortar shop is full of inspiration. Also, if you're ever in Portland, OR, come say hi to me!)

From now until the end of March (or while supplies last), Hand-Eye Supply is offering a great bundle deal on their signature shop aprons and classic safety glasses combo.    

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Feb 19, 2016

How to: Make a "Hold Everything" Tool Rack

When I was in graduate school, I taught guitar lessons to several neighborhood kids for some extra income. Inevitably, after a few months of convert's zeal, their practicing would slow down, and a parent would always ask me, "how can I get ______ to practice more at home?" I had some musical tips, sure, but my first answer was always: buy a guitar stand, and leave it out. No one is going to pick up an instrument that's locked in a case and placed under the bed or leaned against a wall in a closet. But, have it out and within a grasp in just a few seconds, and one can't help but just pick it up and rock out.     

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Feb 17, 2016

Make This: You Need A Solid Work Bench

Gluing Up a Top

The heart of a workshop is the bench. It's the base where everything is made so it need to be solid and easy to use. Here's a great tutorial on making a simple bench with plenty of function.  

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Jan 28, 2016

4 Simple Upgrades To Make Your Work Shop More Enjoyable

Shop MatsSpending time in the shop is a special kind of escape for me. It's a time to get some things done, to be creative, and to unwind in my own way. But this time of year it can be hard to enjoy the space. The cold wind and cloudy skies can make it dark, cold, and just not worth the time I want to give it. Here are a few simple upgrades to make your shop a place you can escape to year round.  

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Jan 20, 2016

A Photographic Guide to Selecting the Right Lumber for the Job

Using dimensional lumber (2x4 and the like) from the home center or lumber yard is a great way to save money on a project. Provided, of course, that you get the right stuff. Anyone who has walked down the aisles of the home improvement store and pick through the piles can attest: some of this stuff is downright funky. And we often pick the best of the bunch, only to find it twisted, warped, or curved once we get the wood home and it's had time to acclimate to our workspaces.

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Jan 13, 2016

5 Inspiring Masculine Workspaces to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Eva Black Design

Some people like to peek inside other people's medicine cabinets. I have no idea why, but it's a thing. People really do that.

I've always been much more interested in taking a look at the offices, workspaces, and studios of artists, crafters, and designers. Here are five favorites that will motivate you to transform your current headquarters (a.k.a. couch) into a mad creativity centerl where ideas can grow.

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Jan 12, 2016

Make This: Shop Made Wooded Hinge

Wooden HingesShop hinges are a great way to make a piece customized to look smooth and streamlined. They can also be integrated right into the back for a seamless design. We take a look at what it takes to make this interesting hinge in detail.  

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Jan 08, 2016

Attention Woodworkers: This is a Really Good Deal on Adjustable Bar Clamps

created at: 01/04/2016

Most articles on the value of clamps will begin with the old adage, "You can never have too many clamps." This one, apparently, does too. (See what I did there?) Because the truth is: you really can't.   

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Jan 05, 2016

10 Ideas for Organizing Your Workshop for the New Year

Hopefully, the new calendar has you motivated to take on some new projects. And we all know the key to working quickly, efficiently, and creatively is: organization. Keeping things where they need to be allows your work surface to stay clean and makes your tools easy to find. Plus, when well organized, you'll find you can actually fit a lot more gear and materials into a small space.   

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Dec 29, 2015

How to: Make Your a Wooden Handplane

Are you still feeling the lingering of the Christmas spirit? Keep it going by crafting some carpentry tools dating back beyond the first century. This DIY guide takes your old plywood remains and an old circular saw blade to combine them into a custom and sturdy hand plane.   

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Dec 21, 2015

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Keep Your Tools in Good Working Order with these Necessary Lubrication Tools

Grease GunWith so many moving parts in the shop, it takes quite a bit to keep it all running smooth. We keep a few key lubricants on the shelf to make sure there is a always an oil or grease close at hand when we need to get rid of that squeak, loosen a rusted tool, or just get something back to like new performance.  

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Dec 18, 2015

Your Shop Lights Don't Have To Look Like Shop Lights

Hanging Beam LightTired of the boring lights hanging from your shop ceiling? Why not take the time to make something that reflects your personality a bit more. Here are three inspirational designs that will give you a new outlook on shop lighting.  

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Dec 16, 2015

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Yep, We're Calling 'Em Essential. Why You Definitely Need an Air Compressor and Nailer Kit

Each week in 2015, ManMade is sharing our picks for the essential tools we think every creative guy and DIYer needs. We've selected useful, long-lasting tools to help you accomplish a variety of projects, solve problems, and live a hands-on lifestyle that allows you to interact with and make the things you use every day.  

created at: 12/16/2015

Okay, friends. Here's the thing with air nailers and compressors, at least for creative woodworking, every day DIY, and casual weekend use: they're amazing. Optional, sure? But the amount of time and frustration they can save is immense, and in most shops, worth every penny. 

And here's why: "nail guns," unless you're framing a house, are not a replacement for hammer and nails. Instead, they're most useful as an extra pair of hands, or four, for aligning and registering parts and keeping things in place while adhesives dry. They're incredibly useful for trim work, installing cabinets, stairs, carpentry, and woodworking. They don't only hold things together; they hold things in place while something stronger holds the parts together. And that's even more useful.   

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Dec 11, 2015

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Why a Quality Multi-Tool Belongs in Every Tool Kit...and Which One You Should Get

Each week in 2015, ManMade is sharing our picks for the essential tools we think every creative guy and DIYer needs. We've selected useful, long-lasting tools to help you accomplish a variety of projects, solve problems, and live a hands-on lifestyle that allows you to interact with and make the things you use every day. 

created at: 12/11/2015

When you've spent the last fifty weeks talking about the importance of dedicated, high-quality tools, a single combo unit that replicates a great deal of those already mentioned might not be the next obvious choice.

But we're declaring the multi-tool essential for one very simple reason: it

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Dec 10, 2015

Workshop Upgrades: Adding Extra Electrical Outlets to the Shop for about $50

Outlet KitMost of us have claimed a corner of the garage as our workshop, where only a single outlet supports the growing clutch of tools. Mid-project my shop floor becomes a tangle of cords stretching to far-flung tools and tripping me every step of the way. This dangerous situation just can't exist in a safe shop. So I decided to add some outlets to make it a better place to work, and even added a switch-controlled plug to turn on my air compressor. The easiest way to add outlets to a finished wall is a surface-mount with conduit connected right to the wall. It was easier than I expected, and the results turned out great. This is part of my Shop

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Dec 09, 2015

Closer Look: You Should Watch Diresta's Cut Video Series

Massive DovetailsJimmy Diresta is type of talented, creative maker we all want to be someday. His designs and methods are real, raw, and always come out impressive. Take a look at three projects from his new series here.  

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Dec 02, 2015

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Why You Definitely Need a Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw

Each week in 2015, ManMade is sharing our picks for the essential tools we think every creative guy and DIYer needs. We've selected useful, long-lasting tools to help you accomplish a variety of projects, solve problems, and live a hands-on lifestyle that allows you to interact with and make the things you use every day. 

created at: 12/02/2015

For those of you who have followed along with us in the series all year (this is tool number forty-eight), let's all celebrate: this is an easy one. A flush cut pull saw is a simple device that's totally affordable and almost impossible to screw up. It's small yet super functional, and performs quite well. It's designed to do just a few things, and do them well. Get the right one now, and you're set for life.   

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