Apr 06, 2010

How To: Build a Model Hubble Telescope


Hubblesite.org is offering three awesome, free how-tos to recreate model Hubble telescopes. There's excellent instructions and lots of free printable parts and decals "These models aren’t working telescopes – you can’t peer at the sky with them. But they can give you an up-close look at the telescope’s structure and a challenging project to engage your model-making skills."

The first is the easiest to make, and uses a short length PVC pipe to support the main structure. The other two save you a trip to the hardware store, and are pure paper, created without special materials (though you'll need a few supplies from your stash).

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Mar 24, 2010

StarTrek TNG Fan Turns Apartment into Transporter Room

created at: 03/24/2010

StarTrek fan Tony Alleyne used his love of arts & crafts and science fiction to turn his 500 square foot apartment into a replica of the Enterprise's transporter room. Two years after he completed his StarTrek makeover, Tony started his own design company, 24th Century Design, hoping to help others bring their sci-fi fantasies to life. Reports suggest that Tony paid about 100K British pounds outfitting his pad with such things as voice-activated lighting. (I hope you have to say 'computer' first.) To see more images, follow this link. And to take a virtual of Tony's TNG creation, click here.

created at: 03/24/2010

created at: 03/24/2010

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Feb 19, 2010