Jun 09, 2011

Woman Gets 152 Facebook Friends Tattooed on Her Arm

created at: 06/09/2011

You Tube user Suzyj87 has just completed months of tattoo sessions to successfully inscribe 152 Facebook friend profile pics onto her right arm.   

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Apr 04, 2011

Historically Hardcore: Modern Celebs Aren't So Tough

created at: 04/04/2011

Artist Jenny Burrows and ad master Matt Kappler created this series of posters while in design school to add to their portfolios. Originally intended for a certain museum system in Washinton, D.C., they, if you couldn't tell, provide a bit of contrast between historical figures and those that grace the tabloids today.  

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Jun 08, 2010

How To: Make a Laptop Riser for Watching Movies and TV in Bed

created at: 06/08/2010

In the era of streaming videos, Hulu, Netflix, and the like, folks are cancelling their cable packages left and right and opting to recieve all of their television and watch many of their movies on computers. Our old CRT televisions are dying, and instead of replacing them, we just head to the computer instead.

And it's great...except watching films and engaging television is supposed to be about relaxing, and that can be difficult to do when you're trying to consume a feature length film at your desk. Many of us have wi-fi connected devices on our TVs, or even connected whole computers to televisions in our living and family rooms, both

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