May 13, 2011

Am I Wearing Pants?

created at: 05/13/2011

Okay...so, this is not necessarily for men. In fact, it's specifically not addressed to guys. But as passive observers of the crazy places that women's bottom-oriented clothing are going, it's a good 101 to learning about what in the world is going on.

And it's really funny.

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May 11, 2011

Blow My Mindsday: May 11, 2011

created at: 04/17/2013

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

Dude crafts himself into a wall...  

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May 09, 2011

Sci-Fi IKEA Manuals

The clever minds at College Humor have created some international reader friendly, wordless, slightly confusing manuals for some of their favorite, often-equally-hard-to-follow science-fiction movies.

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May 06, 2011

Retro Revival: Vintage Posters for Modern Movies

Brain Pickings has assembled a killer collection of vintage-styled movie posters for contemporary films. As Maria Popova remarks, they explore "Helvetica, Hitchcock and what Saul Bass can teach J.J. Abrams about mystery."

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May 02, 2011

30 Free Design-y Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for May

April showers bring...May desktop wallpapers?

Sure, why not? It's officially spring, so its time to air out your house, give your closet and cupboards a good onceover, so why not update your desktop as well. To do so, I suggest these thirty awesome May 2011 calendar wallpapers from graphic design experts Smashing Magazine.


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Apr 28, 2011

Styrofoam Cup Typography

I'm the last person to recommend the use of polystyrene, but I can't help but smile at this stylish, clever update on the high school classic. Our local schools didn't have chain-link fences when I was a kid, and this wasn't a tradition we embraced in high school. (Maybe cause there weren't any girls?) So, this is a relatively new tradition in my eyes, and from now on, it's gotta look like this. Class presidents and rally girls: take note.  

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Apr 27, 2011

The Differences Between Mac and PC Users: An Infographic

created at: 04/27/2011

The folks at Hunch have been researching the different ways the Mac OS and Windows users understand themselves and the computer products they use everyday. They've presented their findings in a fascinating infographic that's definitely worth checking out. 

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Apr 26, 2011

Movie Parts Posters

Canadian graphic designer and artist Emma Butler created her Movie Parts poster series as a response to reductive representation of pop culture pieces craze. She says, "This poster series was inspired as an alternative to the ever-popular "minimalist movie poster" trend currently floating about on the web. On the opposite end of the spectrum, these posters are made up of all the memorable parts, pieces & props that feature in some of my favourite movies."

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Apr 22, 2011

Infographic of the Day: Pizza Consumption Around the World

Did you know that men who wear muscle shirts when answering the door are three times more likely to order pepperoni pizza than any other kind?

Or perhaps that 17% of all restaurants are pizzerias? Or that 93% of U.S. citizens eat pizza at least once a month?

You will once you check out this sweet infographic from GrandePizzaOnline.     

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Apr 19, 2011

Infographic of the Day: The Illustrious Omnibus of Super Powers

Did you know there are no less than four superheroes with the ability to "stretch and elongate body?" Or that there's at least two heroes with "Shazam!-based" powers, or a dude that can shoot glue all over his enemies?!

You would, of course, if you took a look at "The Illustrious Omnibus of Super Powers," a new infochart from PopChartLabs.  

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Apr 18, 2011

Back of a Webpage

Back of a Webpage imagines what's going on on the otherside of your favorite webpage.


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Apr 11, 2011

What IS Typographic Illustration?

Dude, remember when you first discovered Word Art in the 90s? Suddenly, words weren't just letters in some typeface. They could bend, have shadows, and look like they were made out of dark green countertop formica! They could really say something, like "I was made with an MS Word template!"

Thankfully, designers and artists have been playing with type and letterforms for years, creatively arranging and adapting the shapes of words to convey more than just a string of characters. The Print magazine blog, Imprint, explores the subject, seeks a definition, and provides some amazing examples.

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Apr 09, 2011

The Infographic of Infographics

The internet has changed in the last year, and it has nothing to do with Rebecca Black, children and wife hiding, or tiger blood jokes. Rather, I mean the proliferation of the infographic.

Sometime in the last 18 monthes of so, folks decided that tall gothic typefaces against earthy backgrounds with charts and graphs looked great, that maps of the U.S. filled with local pizza and beer was a good idea, or that coffee recipes presentated in abstract geometrical forms were a great way to learn.

And they were right. So more folks made some, and then more folks made them, and we are now basking in the era of the internet infographic.

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Apr 06, 2011

Quickly Identify that Typeface with this Handy Bookmarklet

created at: 04/06/2011

Yesterday, designer and developer Jason Santa Maria tweeted this awesome little bookmarklet, and I've already used it a good ten times in less than 24 hours. You just drop WhatFont into your bookmarks bar, then, whenever you're cruising a web page and want to know what type they used, click it and it'll let you know.

HTMLers and other smart guys could probably figure this out with style sheets and their fancy tools, but this is a gem for the rest of us. 

It works! See?    

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Apr 06, 2011

Infographic of the Day: Which Baseball Teams Have the Best Fans?

Last week was opening day in major league baseball, so I'm digging this little graphic gem. Design student Russ Machmeyer created the "Die Hard Index" a visual representation of fan commitment, as determined by cost of ticket vs. income, game attendance, and winning/losing record.

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Apr 04, 2011

Historically Hardcore: Modern Celebs Aren't So Tough

created at: 04/04/2011

Artist Jenny Burrows and ad master Matt Kappler created this series of posters while in design school to add to their portfolios. Originally intended for a certain museum system in Washinton, D.C., they, if you couldn't tell, provide a bit of contrast between historical figures and those that grace the tabloids today.  

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Apr 01, 2011

12 Awesome "Back to the Future" Posters

Yes, Marty McFly staring at his watch surrounded by flaming tire tracks and the DeLorean was awesome...in the 80s.

But, it's 2011, and while the film still hits the spot as well as it ever did, I'm always a fan of a contemporary makeover. Especially when it's this Saul Bass-alike:


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Mar 28, 2011

Minimalist Mental Disorders

British designer Patrick Smith was doing some research into different emotional and mental disorders, and set about the task of conveying them in a graphic, minimalist style. He says, 

"My aim was to start a dialogue in the digitally savvy community and hopefully raise awareness by spreading the posters. As a long term goal I wanted to involve a mental health charity."

The results are a engaging and beautiful take on trying to capture emotions visually, and with just a few geometric shapes.


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Mar 23, 2011

50 and 50: Your State's Motto, But Beautiful

created at: 03/23/2011

The Fifty and Fifty Project seeks "construct a handsome new way of looking at our country. Fifty designers, one per state, will illustrate their state motto, creating something steeped in history but completely modern and unique: a kind of designer's atlas."

So, pop quiz time! Can you name your state's motto?! No Googling...

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Mar 22, 2011

Toy Stories by Aled Lewis

As part of his Make Something Cool Everyday project, designer Aled Lewis has created this hilarious captioned photographs. 


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