May 24, 2013

A Note to Self...

A note to self - May 24, 2013:    

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Aug 29, 2012

How to: Make S'meaches - S'Mores + Peaches

I've gone on record many times about my love for s'mores, and balancing that with the mysterious dichotomy that I only want to eat them about once or twice a year.

But! Switching up the classic graham+choc+mallow recipe for some roasty

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Jul 11, 2012

How To: Make Tiny Rockets from Matches

Steve Hoefer from Grathio Labs has shared a fun, easy tutorial for making launchable mini-rockets from three materials you probably already have lying around: a matchbook, a paperclip, and aluminum foil.  Since matches are basically "solid fuel on a stick," and a rocket is a stick that needs some fuel...it's kind of a DIY no-brainer.

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Jun 04, 2012

How to: Make a Campfire from a Single Log

created at: 06/04/2012

Between a very fine evening of charcoal grilling on Friday and a hardwood fire with friends on Sunday evening, my weekend was filled with the lovely smell of wood smoke, some very tasty food, and the

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Jun 01, 2012

Happiness is a Warm Chimney Starter

created at: 06/01/2012

And by warm, we mean unbelievably blistering, seethingly ablazing.  

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Apr 13, 2012

How to Start a Fire: By Hand, No Matches

created at: 04/16/2013

created at: 04/13/2012

You can imagine the scenarios: extra-minimalist camping trip, Joseph

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Feb 02, 2012

Please Go Vote to Help a Local Firehouse Win a Brand New Kitchen Makeover

created at: 02/02/2012

Sheridan Fire District

This month, IKEA and The Family Handyman magazine are hosting this worthy contest, The Rescue Remodel. Previously, 1000s of local firehouses were nominated to receive a complete kitchen remodel. The top five have been selected, and now it's your turn to vote! "The firehouse with the most votes will receive a truly heroic kitchen renovation valued at $25,000. And since it’s all from IKEA, it will be full of smart and innovative ideas to make their lives a little bit easier so they can better protect our communities."   

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Jul 05, 2011

Video: Camera Mounted onto Fireworks

created at: 07/05/2011

Fresh outta last night's pyrotechnic displays (or, if you were the kids on my block, misadventures resulting into not two, but three visitis from the fire department), check out this fascinating video of a wide-angle camera mounted to the end of fireworks:  

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Apr 14, 2010

Handmade Haiku: Fire Makes Androgyny A-Okay!

created at: 01/13/2010

14 April 2010: Fire Makes Androgyny A-Okay!

created at: 04/14/2010

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Feb 17, 2010

Fire Up - A DIY Campfire Kit?

Fire Up is a campfire do-it-yourself-kit designed by Evelien Stamhuis to help you build a roaring fire in no time. Everything one would need is in the bag.

I have no idea how much it costs, or whether its actually for sale...but I wonder what the functionality is? Are open campfires legal and encouraged in the Netherlands? Can anyone - namely someone who doesn't know anything about building fires - just plop down and set these things ablaze? Or, would someone bring this with them on a camping trip?

I really do get it as a design project, and I'm sure it works wonderfully. But though I'm not sure of the environmental impact of burning

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