Dec 09, 2010

2010: The Year in Books

created at: 12/09/2010

Sports fans remember the year in wins, music fans in what records were released, and for avid readers, the year is measured in books.

But in the midst of the "Best ofs" and "Top Tens" for 2010, a great read is still a great read, regardless of what the New York Times says or when it was released. So "might it also be an opportunity to look back, reflect, and share? We hope so, and so, for a seventh year, The Millions has reached out to some of our favorite writers, thinkers, and readers to name, from all the books they read this year, the one(s) that meant the most to them, regardless of publication date. Grouped together, these ruminations, cheers, squibs, and essays will be a chronicle of reading and good books from every era. We hope you find in them seeds that will help make your year in reading in 2011 a fruitful one."

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Dec 01, 2010

The Incredible Book Carvings of Brian Dettmer

American artist Brian Dettmer rescues trashed books headed for the landfill and creates unbelievable paper sculptures. "With the precision of a brain surgeon, he teases books into something else, graphic statements of an expressionist talent that is truly awesome."

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Oct 20, 2010

35 Incredible and Creative Bookshelves

created at: 10/20/2010

No fancy talk. No clever intros. Bookshelves are cool, and these are some of the best we've seen.

created at: 10/20/2010

created at: 10/20/2010  

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Oct 11, 2010

Wood Species Indexed in a "Book" Library

created at: 10/11/2010

Awkward title, I know, but it's kinda difficult to actually describe what's happening here. The World Woods Library is an effort to help folks collect a diverse catalog of wood species, a xylarium, in the form of wooden books.

Each species gets its own edition, with the English name carved into the spine, and the Latin genus and species on the cover.

created at: 10/11/2010


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Sep 03, 2010

Business Cards for Fictional Companies - How Many Can You Name?

created at: 09/03/2010

We're both cracking up and inspired by this series of business cards for fictional companies from films, television shows, and comic books. "Day Jobs" by Fernando Rez "pays nerdy, Easter Egg-laden homage 'to the hard working men and women who keep our beloved fictional companies going.'

Printed on Rolodex-ready business card stock. Extremely limited run of 20 S+N 11” x 17” prints are available for $25/pop."

We can connect fifteen of the twenty-one to its pop culture origin; how many can you? Let's see if we can get them all down in the comments section below!  

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Jun 30, 2010

DIY Customized Concrete Bookends

Concrete Bookends

Last week was my birthday, and I vowed to do three things at twenty-eight - learn to make great Thai food at home, become at least moderately proficient in Adobe Illustrator, and learn to make stuff from concrete.

I've been meaning to, and I've played a bit with it for outside stuff, but I just haven't found a great way to apply it to something small-scale.

But, having seen these cool DIY concrete bookends, I think I've found my project.

First, they're bookends, and who doesn't need more of those. Second, they use tiny found objects as reliefs or ornaments. The article's author, Benita, opted for a serif-y, Roman B, but I'm thinking some

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Dec 26, 2009

Hand Knits for Men

I haven't quite wrapped my rightbrain around all the math of the wefts and wales of knitting, but when I do, I'll be getting my hands on a copy of this: Hand Knits for Men, spied by Gina of Doe-C-Doe.


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