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DIY Idea: Build a Minimal Corner Book Shelf

By: Gabriel November 04, 2013 10:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f22150%2ftumblr muduibzhnp1shirnmo1 500 large
...d flanges  Thin sheets of plywood or luan to make shelves (galvanized metal sheets would also work) Paint in the color of your choice (you can also just leave the metal as is, or -even better - use copper pipes! Once you have everything ready you pretty much can play around with the shape, to customize it to your corner. Regardless of where you place it, be sure to experiment and create something wit...

How to: Make Simple Rustic Reclaimed Wood and Copper Pipe Furniture

By: Chris August 19, 2013 09:30 uploads production%2fphotos%2f21853%2fcopperfurniture large
...o eat, store kitchen stools and general spot to put stuff on, all while being 16"x52". After some research, she realized: she'd have to make one. So, she came up with a solution using reclaimed wood, copper pipe from the hardware store, and some epoxy. What I love about this project is its adaptability: this project was designed for a specific footprint and a certain height, but it can easily be adjuste...

Roundup: 5 Simple and Stylish Masculine Bottle Openers

By: Chris October 15, 2012 12:00

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...ll develop a patina over time and maintain faint filing marks. 3. Corter Leather bottle hook. Hand cast in California, this guy also includes a belt loop hook to hang nearly anywhere. Available in Copper, Aged Pewter, or Red Powdercoat, and includes a stamped leather tab. 4. Brass frame bottle opener. Designed by Masanori Oji. A contemporary take, in unfinished brass. 5. Eclipse bottle opener. ...

The Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols

By: Chris August 09, 2012 10:07

Popchartlab p alcohol zoom 731
...ns such as beer and wine to distilled delights such as a gin and rum. This print features everything from favorites like wine and vodka to less lauded tipples such as caium and arrack, all pressed in copper metal inks." You think you know alcohol? Take a look at this guy, and I'll guarantee you see at least fifty varieties you've never heard of. Even if you don't snag the poster, it's definitely worth...

DIY Idea: Handmade Steampunk Shaving Box

By: Chris May 18, 2012 09:45

Fgvz876h0oivbal large equipment like a safety razor and lather brush, then you need an equally classic box and storage system. So thought Zorwick, a maker from the Netherlands, who whipped up this hardwood, brass, and copper shaving kit using materials from the hobby shop, and an old thermometer, copper bowl, leather belt from the flea market. He created it by sketching his design in the computer, then cutting the woo...

How to: Give Your Wall a Total Textural Makeover with Pennies!

By: Chris March 15, 2012 14:48

Penny wall   before 1 large
...dwellers, Lizzie and Ryan were facing the standard the rental-agreement-says-you-can't-do-anything-awesome-to-where-you-live woes. Unless, of couse, it's temporary. So they came up with this awesome copper penny wall treatment that gives tons of color, texture, and detail to the space. And when they're ready to move? They can just take out a few nails and it's like they were never there. Lizzie was gr...

Amazing Bansai Treehouse

By: Chris February 28, 2012 11:39

Bonsaib01 amazing bansai tree, full of miniature wide, low limbs? Build a treehouse in it.   Tokyo-based scultpture artist Takanori Aiba has created Bonsai B, using materials like "stone clay, epoxy putty, copper line, plastic, and resin." He says, Bonsai reflects the Japanese traditional aesthetic sense of expressing the magnificence of nature in a small potted plant...However, the density of decoration and...

How to: Make a Penny Desk!

By: Chris February 16, 2012 12:26

Penny desk 1 large
...echnique on something a little less permanent, like a tabletop...or my desk!     Jen, of Epbot and Cake Wrecks shows you how to transform about $35 worth of pennies and an old tabletop into gleaming copper geometric goodness! See the full how-to at Instructables!

ManMade Joins the 2011 True Value Blog Squad

By: bruno May 26, 2011 09:08

Diysquad v1 3 large
...s and I have a list of fun projects lined up for the summer, including, but not limited to, so don't hold us to this list in court, ok?: - A Nelson-inspired slatted bench- Raised garden beds- Etched copper plant labels- A sloped garden re-lanscaping project- Some other miscellaneous fixer-upper projects Of course, if there's a particular project you'd like to suggest, please let us know in the comment...

How To: Make an HDTV Antenna and Get Free Channels

By: Chris February 16, 2011 16:11

...about 30 minutes until the show started, I didn't have time to make one of those fancy wood and coat hanger designs you've probably seen around the internet. I had to make do with just this spool of copper wire and some cardboard.   I stuck one end of the wire into the coaxial cable port on the back of my HDTV, wrapped the other end of the wire around a cardboard tube, and stuck the tube in my...

The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools

By: Chris February 09, 2011 14:25

Picture 1
...the answer is yes or no, we think this new poster by the geniuses at Pop Chart Lab is tops. "Here is a thorough mapping of over 100 tools used in the preparation of delicious food. Printed with real copper ink, the same substance you might find in a fine piece of cookware.... Each poster is hand-signed by the artists, stamped with PCL's official seal, and numbered from the master edition." The Splend...

Customize Your Cookies With DIY Cookie Cutters

By: Chris June 02, 2010 09:38 large
...ilable in as much diversity as men and women come - from powder puffs to power tools. So, looks like we'll have to make our own. The Beat that My Heart Skipped offers this great tutorial, which uses copper ribbon sold as a draft excluder in the hardware store. Check out that stegosaurus! DIY Cookie Cutters