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Do This: Make a Copper Framed Industrial Clock

By: David April 22, 2015 12:30 uploads production%2fphotos%2f25392%2fclock materials large
I've had plenty of clocks on my walls, and while I tried hard to find timepieces that matched up to our style and needs most lacked the character I really wanted.    This piece from Dwelling In Hap...

Dapper Up Your Wrist with a Wooden Watch

By: David February 10, 2015 09:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f24736%2fangeleno product 02 large from walnut, it will not only stand up to abuse, but smooth and soften with age. 3. Stella Burlwood by Fossil - While this watch is not completely wood, the seamless integration of burlwood and copper make this one classy timepiece. It would be hard not to find excuses to check the time every few minutes, just for another glance at this beauty. So the next time you are in the mood for a new watch...

The Best Inventions of 2014

By: Justin January 05, 2015 16:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f24415%2f1390670321308 large
...t Zemekis' Back To The Future II (besides the hip garb) was a hoverboard and we did get one. Kind of. The Hendo Hoverboard admittedly only works for about fifteen minutes at a time, only floats above copper or aluminum, and currently there are only 10 of them. But they do hover and move, and the technological breakthroughs behind the engineering is staggering. The hope of the company is to use this hove...

Build Your Own Copper Still and Make Your Own Spirits at Home

By: Chris January 05, 2015 14:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f24414%2fdiy build your own 1 gallon copper still 1418315955 large
If you're ready for a new kind of DIY challenge, consider building your own copper still, which will allow you to distill your own spirits for DIY whiskey, vodka, gin, or brandy. (Or tequila, I guess...if you can get your hands on a giant agave piña.)This isn't a build-from-scratch...

Brewed, Part III: Brew Day - How to Make Beer at Home

By: David December 11, 2014 11:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f24305%2fbrewed 2 5 large large
...hat make it into the mix at this time can completely ruin the batch. Anything that touches the beer must be sterilized. An optional item to cool it down is a wort chiller, which is essentially a long copper coil that’s lowered into the pot that pumps water through the tubes and cools down the entire pot within about 15 minutes. If not using a chiller, keep it covered for an hour or so, then get ready to...

Make These: DIY Brushed Metal Gift Tags

By: bryson December 09, 2014 16:15 uploads production%2fphotos%2f24217%2fdscf9982 2 large
...reuse depends on how good you make these look! Here's a few upgrades you could definitely do to these tags: Leather strips to tie it to your gifts Gold plated metal (from your local craft store) Copper tags (if you can age it, even better) Dip the edges in plasti-dip (dog tags anyone?)  Swell. Happy Holidays!  

Brewed, Part II: Preparing for Brew Day

By: David December 02, 2014 13:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f24195%2fbrewed%2520logo%25203 large%2520copy large
...brew pot, steeping bag, long stirring spoon,  floating thermometer, and plastic or glass fermenting container with airlock. A few extras might include a hydrometer to measure specific gravity, and a copper immersion cooler. A few things to keep in mind, the brew kettle needs to hold the water, and all grains within the steeping bag without overflowing. Also, the boil can get a bit out of hand, so if po...

Weekend Project: Make a Rustic Floating Media Center from Walnut and Copper

By: Chris October 31, 2014 16:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f23879%2fcopper shelf 02 large
Here's a cool, space-saving idea with plenty of style: a floating media shelf featuring beautifully grained hardwood contrasted with warm copper pipe.     The designer, Matt, says,  My friend...Ali Brislin was in need of a small shelf setup for her Hi-Fi. She’d looked at some vintage cabinets, but nothing was perfect. I’d told her of my ide...

How to: Make a Rustic Concrete and Copper Lamp

By: Chris October 28, 2014 14:45 uploads production%2fphotos%2f23871%2fcopper cement lamp supplies large
...finished product comes out looking as sharp as this guy.   Vienna-based DIYer Sarah created this cool tabletop lamp project with a simple lamp kit, a bit of concrete and an ice cream carton, and some copper plumping pipes. The light concrete and the warm, shiny copper combine for an attractive, rustic contrast, and it'd work on a desk, side table, nightstand, or any flat surface. Need a different sca...

DIY Copper Salt and Pepper Shakers in Just a Few Minutes

By: Gabriel July 18, 2014 08:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f23184%2f3 materials4 large
...t. Little details like these make your home much more intentional and since this project only takes a few minutes to make, it's a great way to get started.  I gotta admit - I have a soft spot for copper in my DIY heart, so this is right up my alley. I think you'll enjoy it to.  Ok, so get crackin, head over to Brit + Co and make your own now!

Weekend Project: How to Make a Leather Wall-Mounted Knife and Tool Rack

By: Chris June 06, 2014 15:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f23031%2fdiy leather knife rack remodelista 2 large
...reate. And you can tailor each loop in the rack to fit your own needs—no advanced knife skills necessary." For durability and looks, you could switch out the thumbtacks for some wide-headed brass or copper nails, which would stick in the wood further and be less likely to work their way loose with repeated use.  Get the full how-to at Remodelista: DIY: A Wall-Mounted Leather Knife Rack    

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Rustic Modern Copper Planters

By: Gabriel April 28, 2014 10:15 uploads production%2fphotos%2f22930%2fcoppervase polishedcopper large
This warm and rustic yet contemporary copper planters are killer. They'd work in any kind of space, whether you live in a lush home or a modest apartment. Having a fair share of greenery adds lots of life to your environment, and it looks super...

How to: Make a DIY Metallic Desk Organizer

By: Gabriel April 10, 2014 10:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f22835%2fpencil holder large
...stery, but in the spirit of spring cleaning, I'm vowing to do better!  This DIY desk organizer project uses PVC pipping and caps and a can of metallic paint of your choice (we dig the copper). The results are effective, and way cheaper than getting fancy office supplies at those minimal design shops. See the full how-to here (turn on your Google translator!): Doing the Copperfield: Eine...

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Taxidermy Bicycle Hanger

By: Chris February 05, 2014 15:00 uploads production%2fphotos%2f22568%2f2fe3cb4c7df78b6f874aead079530635 large
...s, check out your local bike co-op or community workspace. To attach, take your handlebars to the hardware store, and size the correct pipe straps in the plumbing section, available in galvanized and copper. See them all on Upcycle Fetish: Crafts, Furniture Design, Sculpting       

Gift Guide: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guy Who Loves to Cook... and Loves to Eat

By: Gabriel December 02, 2013 14:45 uploads production%2fphotos%2f22378%2fmm food gift guide 2013 large
...l be served, which means you need a set of grown-up coasters - that also happen to look quite rugged and awesome. And hey, you can always DIY it and take this model as inspiration.   4. Oversized copper mug - $28. Speaking of cocktails, what about this cooper mug to make some might Moscow Mules? know, any other cocktail. This mug has a camping-in-the-woods feel to it which we all love. Oh!...