Mar 23, 2012

How to Undress Like a Man, or a Woman: Hilarious & Helpful Life Advice from 1937

created at: 03/23/2012

I just stumbled across this fascinating "how-to" from a 1937 issue of Life magazine on the proper way to take off your clothes in the bedroom. One must be sure to avoid the "hideous climax of slovenliness" when removing a shirt, or that cardinal bedroom Don't: scratching oneself, even though, "many men break this rule."

Rather, you should go about it like "this Adonis," who by folding his trousers and neatly removing his shoes, is the "perfect undressing type" and "avoids the snarls of the buffon at the top of the page."

created at: 03/23/2012

And...for women, this helpful dichtomy:

created at: 03/23/2012

"Two excellent purposes are served by rolling down stockings instead of merely pulling them off by the toes. Economically, a husband is pleased by the absence of runs; romantically, he is gratified by his wife’s graceful method of displaying her legs.”

created at: 03/23/2012

Isn't history awesome?

Life Magazine: March 15, 1937 [him]

New York Times: So You Think You Can Undress [her]


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Haggie on Mar 23, 2012:

Grandpa always said "socks first, because nothing will turn off a chick faster than a guy wearing nothing but socks."