Feb 15, 2012

Famous Nude Paintings Get Photoshopped to Reflect Contemporary Beauty Standards

In her Venus project, Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano asks, "What would have happened if the aesthetic standard of our society had belonged to the collective unconscious of the great artists of the past?"

What I love about this project is Giordano's commitment to a single figure - Venus/Aphrodite - and the various ways she's been portrayed in paintings since the Renaissance.

It's not surprising that the resulting images are 1) often anatomically impossible and 2) frighteningly adolescent-looking, which questions the responsibility/voyeurism of the viewer.


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Laurabelle on Sep 13, 2013:

"Frighteningly adolescent looking, which questions the responsibility/voyeurism of the viewer."
There are women who are that thin and have that body type today. Because of how often people ate, people were probably about that size (with the exception of the wealthy) and a thicker figure was coveted. Society wants what society can't have. Less women today are thin and less women then are thick. A man's taste in women (according to body size) has little to do with responsibility.
I do prefer the originals though

Haggie on Feb 15, 2012:

Two mistakes:


1.) The breasts are still natural. Slap some 36DD silcone boobies on those models. 2.) No tats? That last one needs a tramp stamp.