Jan 09, 2012

Amazing Map-Inspired Stencil Art

created at: 01/08/2012

This is hands-down the coolest piece of street art I've seen in a long time (do I even need to stay street art? How about just art instead?). The piece, titled Blinking City, is more than just a aesthetically pleasing spray paint stencil. It's actually a collage of several neighborhoods in Bejing and is a commentary on the "inadequacy of traditional maps for city environments characterized by fast pace transformation and urban growth"  


Marcella Campa and Stefano Avesani, the creators of this piece, elaborate on the meaning behind this by saying, "As soon as the map is done, the city it describes has already gone."

created at: 01/08/2012

Here's a closeup of one of the stencils used:

created at: 01/08/2012

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