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May 26, 2010

How To: Make a Pocket Knife Key Wallet

As men, we don't usually have the benefit of a purse to keep goodies, and our pockets get pretty heavy. Sure, there's the briefcase,  the "murse," and the "go bag", but face it - it's weird when guys carry their stuff in bags. Either we must be on our way to work, or we're stealing something. I'm constantly getting searched at the movies, library, shops, etc.

And sure, we have pockets, but with wallets and keys and metro cards and cell phones, it doesn't leave much comfortable space for other things that individuals might find necessary.

So, we improvise. ManMade reader Ken sent in this how-to he created that holds everything he needs in his wallet - cash, cards, keys, and a few essential tools, in a slim, lightweight satchel.

"The wallet/pocket-knife has eight narrow pockets for keys and tools, and one main pocket for cards and cash. In the tool pockets, I carry three keys, a knife, a USB drive, a file/screwdriver, a scissors, toothpick, pen and tweezers. In the large pocket, I carry three credit cards, a drivers license, medical insurance card, and some cash. No coins, obviously!The wallet weighs just 3.5 ounces when fully loaded. It measures 4" long, 3" wide, and about 0.65" deep. I can easily fit my cellphone in the same pocket without feeling weighed down. Or, I can put the phone in my other front pocket for that barely-there experience.

Once I had the final design down, it didn't take long to make the wallet at all. Maybe about two hours for the assembly and another half hour for the keys."

DIY Wallet Pocket Knife. Thanks, Ken!



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My hubbie carries a lunchbox everywhere. I call it his "purse-box". He has everything in there except lunch...there's no room...
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