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May 08, 2012

The Avengers and the Dogs That Look Like Them

created at: 05/08/2012

I have not seen The Avengers film yet. I probably couldn't even name all of them if I tried. (Thinks about it...) Nope, I can't.

I do, however, think this is very funny.    created at: 05/08/2012

I dunno what sort of terrier that is next to Mark Ruffalo, but yep, whoever created this, good job.

I think Mister Masochist is the original source (hard to tell with Tumblr)

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You and me both, buddy. You and me both.

I'd like to put Mark Ruffalo in a little basket on my bike.

I think the Mark Ruffalo dog is a Cairn Terrier (the same kind of dog that played Toto). :D

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