Dec 31, 2009

Graffiti Warfare

So, first, a quick primer. King Robbo was a pioneering graffiti artist in London in the 1980s. He painted this piece at Regents canal in Camden, London in 1985, and it's remained untouched since:


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Dec 30, 2009

Bleach Printed Hooded Sweatshirt

Whether Derek "Bones" Boe intended this sweatshirt hack - an anatomical(ish) skeleton handpainted with bleach - or it began as a mistake, the results are incredible, and exponentially better than a tradtional screen print.Derek


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Dec 27, 2009

Excellent, Free Photography How-To Videos

Even if you're not a devoted Nikon disciple, they're offering some great free how-to videos that appeal to anyone interested in digital photography.

created at: 2009/12/27

My three faves are these by Joe McNally, who's the kinda guy from whom you just wanna learn.   

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Dec 26, 2009

Hand Knits for Men

I haven't quite wrapped my rightbrain around all the math of the wefts and wales of knitting, but when I do, I'll be getting my hands on a copy of this: Hand Knits for Men, spied by Gina of Doe-C-Doe.


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Dec 21, 2009

Gingerbread Mad Men


Serious Eats has found the perfect holiday cookie: tasty gingerbread done up in early 1960's flair, perfect to hold you over until Mad Men Season 4 starts in the summer. "Shaped to resemble man-about-town Don Draper, his repressed housewife Betty, and voluptuous secretary Joan, these spicy cookies have a depth of flavor as rich as the depth of these television characters. While this take on gingerbread did the trick, I'm sure any recipe will work—it's the martini glass and briefcase accessories that matter."

But what's in her hand?2009121csmadmenginger2.jpg

Oh! Just got it. Cloud of smoke. :)

Get the recipe.

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