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Apr 15, 2013

How To: Make Your Own DIY Remedy for Spring Allergies

created at: 04/15/2013

I love spring as much as the next guy, but I'm trying to write this post without sneezing my brains out. Are you too popping antihistamines as we speak? Don't worry - I feel ya. Spring might be your friends' favorite season to stop and smell the roses, but for some of us, spring means a whole lotta pain. And tissues.… read more


Apr 11, 2013

How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Table with a Built-In Cooler

Last summer, I shared this cool photo from Sonoma winery Medlock Ames, which featured an old picnic table, into which a recess had been cut to accept a cooler to keep drinks cold. A great idea, but know what's even cooler? 

Building the table from scratch without a bunch of fancy woodworking tools, and incorporating the built-in cooler from the beginning.    … read more


Apr 11, 2013

Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

created at: 04/11/2013

Several years ago, a fascinating, and perhaps compelling, post appeared on San Francisco's Craigslist titled, "Advice to Young Men from an Old Man."   … read more


Apr 10, 2013

National Parks Explorers Guide Checklist

I have a new goal on my life list: visit every U.S. National Park. As of now...I've been to exactly: two. I don't really live near too many, and as a kid, my family tended to travel to the same few places every year. But, I'm legit serious about this one, and I'ma get started this year on my next vacation: a trip to all five National Parks in Utah in late summer/early fall 2013.    … read more


Apr 10, 2013

The Best Iconic Sandwiches from Around the World

The concept of nestling some tasty filling inside a few pieces of breads is nearly universal, present among cultures found all over the globe. So, to pay homage to those indigenous, unique portable edibles and the cultures that love them,… read more


Apr 10, 2013

Blow My Mindsday: April 10, 2013

created at: 04/17/2013

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web. This

created at: 04/10/2013

Michelle Newman created this amazing moving portrait of her 89-year-old landlady lip-synching to her favorite song. It is the best video you'll see all day, I promise.   … read more


Apr 09, 2013

How to: Make a DIY Concrete Stool

There's a new blog by Ben Uyeda called "Homemade Modern," that's making quite a stir in the DIY-o-sphere. Ben and company are setting out to create modern and contemporary style furniture by hand, and… read more


Apr 09, 2013

Abandoned and Still Amazing: Photos of 8 Vacant Antarctic Whaling Stations and Bases

Antartica has seen its share of exploration, research, and commerce: whaling stations, fishing villages, home bases for mapping and exploring, and scientific facilities. … read more


Apr 09, 2013

Pick Your Poison Coasters

Designer Ross Moody of 55 Hi's, who last year brought us the birthday card that turns into a shot glass, now shares this cool typographic coaster set dubbed "Pick Your Poison." … read more


Apr 08, 2013

A Better Way to Screw: The Surprisingly Fascinating History of the Phillips Head Driver

created at: 04/08/2013

These days, there are a multitude of screw and driver styles lining the hardware stores: torx and square, and Supadriv and star-bit and the like. But less than a century ago, there was but one - the single slot. So begins the surprisingly interesting story of Henry F. Phillips, the Portland, Oregon-based inventor of the Phillips screw drive. … read more

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