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Jul 09, 2013

Inspiring Workspaces: The Mozilla Factory in Japan

Mozilla Factory in Japan []

Mozilla's new space in Japan is what our interior design dreams are made of: bright open spaces, pops of colour, and a minimal aesthetic that allows for ideas to grow.… read more


Jul 08, 2013

Ask ManMade: What the ______ Are Men Supposed to Wear to Dress Up in the Summer?

created at: 07/08/2013

Two weeks ago, it was a wedding in 95° heat with 95% humidity. Last weekend, a special night out at local restaurant we've been wanting to try. Next week, an out-of-town business-y trip to the desert. All of which have sweatingly, swelteringly reminded me: I have no idea how to dress up when it's hot outside.   

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Jul 08, 2013

How to: Hammer Nails Like a Pro

created at: 07/08/2013

Even in the days of impact drivers, cordless, battery-powered nailers , and more kinds of screw heads that one can name, sometimes a hammer is still the best tool for the job. And while the process seems simple, anyone who's ever used will tell you: there's a lot to go wrong.   … read more


Jul 08, 2013

Furniture Design Inspiration: The SPOOLSTOOL

The SPOOLSTOOL by Joe Levy []

Whoa... Part coffee table, part extension cord, part desk lamp, part stool, part piece of functional art. Indeed, good things come in small packages.   … read more


Jul 03, 2013

Incredibly Realistic Acrylic Motorcycle Paintings by Kenji Shibata

Acrylic paintings by Kenji Shibata []

We are not kidding - these are paintings! Incredibly detailed acrylic paintings on cotton cloth. Damn good art for all of you motorbike lovers!… read more


Jul 02, 2013

How to: Ride a Bicycle in a Suit

A few weeks ago, we set about trying to come up with the perfect style combo for the urban bike commuter. And while our option was professional and a bit dressy, there are still those with jobs that demand wearing a suit, or those special occasions when dedicated cyclists end up on their bikes in a suit.   … read more


Jul 01, 2013

Brand Awareness: Decoding the Fascinating History and Imagery of Cattle Branding

I know we all know this, but it's never not interesting to me to recall that our modern notion of "brand" - small companies and giant corporations, logos and awareness and identities - were born from those literal brands: distinct identities burned with a hot iron stamp.   … read more


Jul 01, 2013

Underwater Typography by Ich Bin Kong

A clever way to get you to jump in the water without freaking out...and looking like you're in a Mr. Bean's summer episode. (You guys watch Mr. Bean too, right?)… read more


Jul 01, 2013

Modern Canadian Design: The Label Chair

The Label Chair by Félix Guyon & La Firme []

As ManMade's resident Canadian, I don't want to toot our own horn, but seriously, how awesome is this Label Chair? Vintage inspiration and modern design at its finest.… read more


Jun 28, 2013

Who Made That?

created at: 06/28/2013

This morning, I totally got caught up exploring this stunning interactive article from The New York Times Magazine "Innovations Issue." Entitled "Who Made That?" it's a fascinating… read more

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