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Dec 11, 2012

The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

created at: 12/11/2012

Recently, Rolling Stone magazine gathered thirty-three of some the most iconic MCs (Q-Tip, Nas, Busta Rhymes, AdRock and Mike D), producers (Pete Rock, Rick Rubin, Questlove) and music journalists (James Bernard, Nathan Brackett) in hip hop to select and organize the fifty greatest hip hop songs of all time.  What makes a great hip hop song? Questlove says, 

The greatest hip-hop songs have the power to pull energy and excitement and anger and questions and self-doubt and raw emotion out of you. It could be a song that sets your neighborhood on fire ("Rebel Without a Pause") or a song on your headphones that makes you rethink what… read more


Dec 10, 2012

99 Steps of Progress: Clever and Thought-Provoking Illustrated Parodies of "The March of Progress"

The Paris-based art collective Maentis is taking on one of the biggest subjects possible: the history of humankind. Well, kinda... Every day for a total of ninety-nine, they're releasing a clever illustrated take the famous scientific drawing, "March of Progess." … read more


Dec 10, 2012

So... I Got Married

created at: 12/10/2012

Hello, ManMakers! I thought I might share some good news: I got married on Saturday.  

Well, sorta. I actually got legally married at 8:30 on a Monday morning in April (tax day!), but two days ago, we threw a huge Christmas-y bash with all our friends and family to celebrate.

It was perfect. No stress, full of merriness and holiday joy, loads of tasty food and homemade goodies and cocktails, and plenty of DIY and hand-crafted decor. We held it in an art gallery space, and it was about as festive as could be. Ever since I was a little Chris, I've wanted a Christmas-y wedding, and this was exactly what we'd both hoped for.

read more


Dec 05, 2012

Blow My Mindsday: December 5, 2012

created at: 04/17/2013

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

Boulder, Co-based land artist creates this incredible balanced rock sculptures in landscape from found materials. Yep, those are real rocks. And this one: (!)    … read more


Dec 03, 2012

Thumpety Thump Thump (I Made This)

created at: 12/03/2012

Last weekend, I made these faceted wooden gems from American rock maple.   … read more


Dec 03, 2012

We Love: Bicycle Taxidermy

created at: 12/03/2012U.K.-based designer Regan Appleton came up with this brilliant idea while a student at the Royal College of Art.  … read more


Dec 03, 2012

ManMade Giveaway: Win a $200 Gift Card to True Value Hardware

They say, "It don't matter if you've got a lot, you can't be happy till you're happy with what you've got." And that's true. But getting free stuff never hurt, either, so why not enter this week's True Value giveaway! Read on to see how to enter!   THE PRIZE:

- Two, yes ¡TWO! $100 gift cards to True Value.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for entering.



Nov 29, 2012

The Scandalous and Surprisingly Bloody History of Nutmeg

created at: 11/29/2012

Fall has its cinnamon and cloves, Thanksgiving its sage, but in my mind (nose?), the smell of the winter holidays is nutmeg. Baked into sweets, sprinkled over winter vegetables, and, most importanly, grated over real egg nog, it's the thing that invokes my sense memories the most.

And, apparently, its presence in North America holiday traditions? That's "one of the saddest stories of history," whereby sad means super violent and, really, kinda nuts. … read more


Nov 28, 2012

Blow My Mindsday: November 28, 2012

created at: 04/17/2013

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

"Errors in Production" is a new website by Heike Bollig that features a fascinating collection of consumer products with manufacturing malfunctions.    … read more


Nov 27, 2012

The Fixer's Manifesto

created at: 11/28/2012Sugru, makers of the amazing hand-formable self-setting rubber clay that turns into a firm silicone after 24 hours (it's good stuff), have been working on version 1.0 of "The Fixer's Manifesto."   … read more


Nov 19, 2012

Thank You, ManMakers

created at: 11/19/2012

Hi friends - this'll be my last post for the week. I'm spending the rest of the day and all of Tuesday in my workshop, banging out some original how-tos and Christmas projects, (stay tuned), before going into full-on holiday mode on Wednesday. And before I go, I wanted to share the thing for which I'm most thankful for this year:    … read more


Nov 19, 2012

Stunning Photos of DIY Soccer Balls and Grassroots Football Culture Around the World

Photographer Jessica Hilltout has captured these fantastic photos of the unstoppable game of football/soccer throughout Africa. As part of her series "Amen," she seeks to document grassroots football culture - the homemade balls, goals, and shoes that allow these communities to play… read more


Nov 15, 2012

A Weekend Well Spent: Building a $60 Versatile Workbench

Workbench refresh ... before.
This summer was a busy one for my family; we had a new baby (our second, a boy), and moved into a new house that we gutted and remodeled. At the same time. Needless to say, it was a bit crazy, and one side-effect of that was that all my tools got completely disorganized. Plus the new basement had no good storage for tools, save an ancient, ramshackle work bench that was barely standing upright. Enough of that, I thought, and made a plan to fix it. Read on to watch my video and see how easy it is to improve your own workbench situation.… read more


Nov 15, 2012

DIY Idea: Make a LEGO Key Organizer

German designer and architect Felix Grauer crafted this handmade key hanger and organizer from his bin of standard LEGO bricks.   … read more


Nov 14, 2012

Cool Site of the Day: The Infinite Jukebox Remixes Your Favorite Songs to Play Forever

created at: 11/14/2012

The Infinite Jukebox is a new project by Paul Lamere that allows you to upload any song to be remixes on-the-fly into an infinite loop, playing the song forever.   … read more

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